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The Oregon legislation has introduced nearly 3,000 measures during each even-year session for the past decade.

How can you keeping track of all these bills?

Our service is the best, most proven method of keeping track of all that information.

Current Measure Status Report

This daily report is available online, or delivered via e-mail.The report includes the current status of all bills in your customized tracking list.The report shows each bill by measure number and title and displays the most recent activity for the bill.Bills that have a status change from the previous report are displayed in a separate section at the top of the report for easy reference.

Bill Introduction Reports

A daily report identifying bills introduced on the prior session day.Information includes title, a brief synopsis, date introduced, and identification of sponsor(s).

Third Reading Report

A daily report identifying bills that are up for a third reading and floor vote.

Full Text of Bills

Acquire the full text of any bill and amendments, in HTML of PDF format, on demand.Bills can be viewed on line at our website or you can down load and print the bill in an easy to read format just like the printed versions. Each bill also has a link to a cross reference of Affected ORS Sections.

Legislative Directory

A complete listing of all members of the legislative assembly including; names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, party affiliations, and districts represented.

Custom Tracking File

Specify, by Bill Number, ORS Category or Subject matter, which bills you want to track.Add or delete bills from your tracking file as frequently as desired.

Look Ahead Calendar

A daily report that lists all bills in your tracking file that have hearings or other activity scheduled in the coming seven days.Sorted chronologically, this report alerts you to important dates and times and helps you plan your schedule.

Affected ORS Sections

Each bill cross references to a list of Affected ORS Sections (and vice versa). You can also search by ORS, and see a list of associated measures.

Personal Comments

Add your personal comments to each measure on your tracking list. These comments may be included on daily reports and custom status reports at the user's discretion.

Custom Status Reports

Create and save custom status reports showing only selected bills from your tracking list. Custom Status Reports may include Personal Comments.

Guest Area

An optional feature that is a password protected guest area to display your current measure status report, and look ahead calendar to your clients. Guest users can view this area at any time by pointing their web browers to a special URL. The Guest Area helps your clients follow legislative activity on measures you are tracking and to view and print full text of any measure on your tracking list.


Subscriptions begin at start of the legeslative session, and continue monthly until session end.


All services outlined above are included with each subscription. Optional features at additional charges.

Tracking Lists:

Each subscription includes a unique list of measures being tracked by the user. The tracking list may be modified as often as needed.

Monthly Fees:
Main account (includes tracking of upto 200 bills) $99
Sub-accounts (bill tracking lumped in with the main account) $15
Each Guest area $15
Additional Fees

Tracking of additional measures, beyond the included 200:
(These charges only apply during the months in which the measures are actually tracked.)

50 cents ($.50), per measure, per month.
Monthly tracking fees are capped at $500

Monthly services are billed in arrears and payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

Capitol On-Ramp reserves the right to suspend, or terminate any account for failure to pay invoices in a timely manner.

Information and pricing is current as of December 9, 2010.

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